67th Session

Brett Farmer

Student Body President

Sam Consiglio

Student Body Vice President

Lily Eisile - Personnel Director

The Student Senate Personnel Director maintains minutes and agendas, monitors attendance, plans events, holds regular meetings with the President and Vice-President, and addresses personnel and conduct-related concerns. They are also responsible for formulating the Student Senate General Operations budget, reviewing financial records, and chairing the Internal Affairs Committee.

Luke Mandli - Parlimentarian

The Parliamentarian advises the President, Senators, and Directors on proper parliamentary procedure based on the Constitution, the bylaws, and the latest edition of Robert's Rules of Order, and shall supervise Senate and Commission compliance with the Wisconsin Open Meeting Law.

Directors and Interns

Academic Affairs Commission

Director: Colin Rafter

AAC Intern: Audra Dyer

Communications Commission

Director: Ivan San

Events Intern: Ashley Denninger
Graphic Design Intern: Dalton Notsch
Media Intern: RJ Murray

Equity in Student Matters Commission

Senate Director: Emma Velazquez
Student Director: Angie Elizaldie

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Finance Commission

Director: Ben Johnson

Finance Intern: Cole Morehouse

Information Technology Commission

Director: Drew Morehouse

ITC Intern: Kyler Simonet

Intergovernmental Affairs Commission

Director: Mei Bean

IGA Intern: Evan Frawley
Housing Coordinator: Phoebe Pilon

Student Organization Commission

Director: Vacant
Please contact Sara Thommesen with questions

Intern: Tia Bierne

Student Office of Sustainability

Senate Director: Sydney McGuine
Student Director: Jake Hicks

Communications & Media Intern: Jhett Sherry
Education Coordinator: Erica Bodden
Operations Coordinator: Benjamin Stuckey
Graphic Design Intern: Anna Buss
Events & Activism Intern: Lydia Kistner

University Activities Commission

Director: Zach Jacobson

Concerts Chair: Alexis Gonzales, Ben Ostertag
Festivals Chair: Gracie DeWan, Zachary Cardille
Film Chair: Maya Frodl
Late-Night Chair: Lauren Garbisch, Rachael Zimmerman
Public Relations Chair: Emma Packard, Taylor Holm
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Mascot Division

Coordinator: Dylan Kraatz
Mascot: Blu the Blugold

Student Senators

On-Campus Senators

Logan Ackerman

Solvieg Dei

Avery De Ruyter

Lauren Garbisch

Hannah Kelly

Matthew Lehner

RJ Murray

Brenna Strojinc

Off-Campus Senators

Mary Bolog

Ben Calcutt

Luke Mandli

Sara Multhauf

Ben Myszka

Rachel Stein

At-Large Senators

Prakriti Adhikari

Dylan Baker

Ally Etzler

Katelyn Hevrin

Sarah Loecher

Kyler Simonet

Mallory WIlliams