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Sponsored by the Dean of Students Office, Student Senate represents the student body of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire at the university, local, state, and federal levels, and allocates student segregated fees to improve student life every year. Commissions of the Student Senate work tirelessly to identify and improve university policies, and present legislation to the general Senate.
This is not your average student activity or opportunity, so if you are passionate about student affairs, academics, and the social/political climate of your campus, consider a run for Student Senate.

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Student Senate

Develop Leadership Skills

Dedicated Exec Team

Work to Improve Campus Life

Helpful & Caring Staff

Make New Friends

Add Valuable Experience to Resumé

Our Executive Board

Brett Farmer Profile

Brett Farmer

Samantha Consiglio Profile

Samantha Consiglio

Lily Eisele Profile

Lily Eisele

Senate Personnel Director
Luke Mandli Profile

Luke Mandli

Colin Rafter Profile

Colin Rafter

Academic Affairs Commission Director
Ivan San Profile

Ivan San

Communications Commission Director
Emma Velazquez Profile

Emma Velazquez

ESM Commission Director
Angie Elizalde Profile

Angie Elizalde

ESM Commission Director
Ben Johnson Profile

Ben Johnson

Finance Director
Mei Bean Profile

Mei Bean

IGA Director
Drew Morehouse Profile

Drew Morehouse

ITC Director
Tia Beirne Profile

Tia Beirne

SOC Director
Sydney McGuine Profile

Sydney McGuine

SOS Commission Director
Jake Hicks Profile

Jake Hicks

SOS Commission Director
Zach Jacobson Profile

Zach Jacobson

UAC Director
Dylan Kraatz Profile

Dylan Kraatz

Mascot Coordinator
Gregory Heinselman Profile

Gregory Heinselman


P: 715-836-4646

Student Senate

77 Roosevelt Ave 220 Davies Center
Eau Claire WI 54701