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The UAC is the University Activities Committee -- the campus-wide events programming board at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Student programmers select, promote and produce a wide variety of cultural, educational and entertainment programs for the university community.









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The UAC will maintain professionalism in all aspects of programming and will abide by all rules and regulations of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. All meetings, including exec board, and committee meetings, will be held in spaces that do not require a specific age to enter, so any person may attend. All leadership positions in UAC, including all directors and chairpersons, will be held by students at the University, and they must be enrolled at least part time (minimum of 6 University credits for undergraduate students and 3 University credits for graduate students). Consistent with all applicable federal and state laws and University policies, this organization and its subordinate bodies, officers and members shall extend membership and all membership privileges, including voting and eligibility to hold office, to all students without regard to age, ethnicity, gender, disability, color, national origin or ancestry, religion, sexual orientation or expression, veteran status, parental status or marital status.

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Our Team

Katy Rand Profile

Katy Rand

Gwynn Shawger Profile

Gwynn Shawger

Taylor Holm Profile

Taylor Holm

Public Relations Chair
Dylan Baker Profile

Dylan Baker

Maxwell Harding Profile

Maxwell Harding

Special Films
Alexis Gonzales Profile

Alexis Gonzales

Concerts Chair
Zachary Cardille Profile

Zachary Cardille

Festivals Chair
Lauren Garbisch Profile

Lauren Garbisch

Late Night Chair
Rachael Zimmermann Profile

Rachael Zimmermann

Late Night Chair
Zach Jacobson Profile

Zach Jacobson

UAC Director
Maya Frodl Profile

Maya Frodl

Gracie DeWan Profile

Gracie DeWan

Festivals Chair
Emma Packard Profile

Emma Packard

Public Relations Chair


University Activities Commission

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