• What is Concerts?

    UAC Concerts is dedicated to bringing live music to campus for all to enjoy!

    We are responsible for finding and booking performers for campus. This includes the cabin series along with one larger concert a year.

  • Cabin Series

    The Cabin Series is a place for local bands and students to perform.

    Performances to look forward to Spring of 2024:

    • Thursday Jazz Nights
      • Feb. 29th 7pm-9pm
      • Mar. 28th 7pm-9pm
      • Apr. 11th 7pm-9pm
      • Apr. 25th 7pm-9pm
      • May 9th 7pm-9pm
    • Friday Tunes at Noon (TBD)
    • Other evening performances
      • March 8th: Harbor & Home 3pm-5pm
      • March 9th: Harbor & Home 6pm-8pm
      • March 30th: Conrad and the Comrades 6pm-8pm
      • April 12th: Rodger the Rover 6pm-7pm
      • April 13th: The Doghouse 6pm-8pm
      • April 26th: Torgs 6pm-9pm
      • April 27th: Too Much Tension 6pm-8pm
      • May 3rd: count it joy. 6:30pm-7:30pm
      • May 10th: Summit Blue 6pm-8pm
    • Open Mic Nights! (TBD)
  • Large Scale Concerts

    UAC Concerts loves to bring a more well known name to our campus for students to enjoy!

    Some previous artists we have hosted:

    • GAYLE (Fall 2023)
    • Tai Verdes (Fall 2021)
    • Bryce Vine (Spring 2022)
    • The 502's (Spring 2023)
    • Nicky Youre (Spring 2023)
  • Contacts

    If you are interested in getting involved with UAC Concerts or performing in the Cabin Series, feel free to contacts us!

    Concerts Chair: Alexis Gonzales-

    Concerts Chair: Gwynn Shawger-

    UAC coordinator: Katy Rand-