• What does OMTech stand for?

    The Organization for Minorities in Technology. Don't feel like you belong here? YOU DO! We also welcome those who are simply allies of minorities and want to make friends. Additionally, even if you aren't in a tech related major, we are more than happy to meet you!

  • Do I have to RSVP/Register for meetings?

    Technically....no. But we ask that you please do as it helps us plan what food to buy and how much of it to get. Additionally, some events require being split into groups so this helps us determine how many groups we need to have and if the event needs to be altered to handle the group amount.

  • Do I need to come to every meeting?

    NO! Come to one, come to all, or pick and choose. However, we do ask to please RSVP/register for each event as that helps us get a proper headcount and plan for events.

  • What are dues?

    We ask that if you are going to attend most meeting and eat our snacks that you please pay either $15 for the whole year or $10 a semester. This helps us pay for said food and put on other fun events!

  • What if I can't pay dues or don't want to?

    Listen we aren't going to kick you out of the group, but if you are able to pay it really does go a long way.

  • Does OMTech provide food?

    Yes, we provide some type of snack (and sometimes pizza) for each meeting.  If you have any allergies or dislike what we get please contact someone on the board so we can try to accomdate :)

  • I have an event idea what should I do?

    Please PLEASE fill out a form found on our site (found here) or email/talk to any board member. We love hearing what you guys want to see and will do our best to put on those events.

  • I want to join the board!?

    Email or talk to anyone on the board! We are more than happy to help you find the best position for you. Even if it doesn't look like there are any open positions or the only opening is for a position you don't want please reach out. We are very flexible on getting people to join.

  • I have different/more questions?

    Please just reach out!