Phillips 281

Meeting Time/Place



6:30 - 7:30 PM

What does OMTech stand for?

OMTech stands for: the Organization for Minorities in Technology. Don't feel like you belong here? YOU DO! We welcome those who are simply allies of minorities and want to make friends. Additionally, even if you aren't in a tech related major, we are more than happy to meet you!

What Does OMTech Do?

While OMTECH strives to have fun CS themed events, we also understand the importance of making friends and being able to get away from school. That is why we structure our events to have two types of formats:

Skill Building Meetings

Events such has mentoring, workshops, CS themed events, company tours, guest speakers, and more. All designed to engage you in the world of computer science.

Fun Lighthearted Meetings

Events such as scavenger hunts, escape rooms, trivia nights, and more! All designed to get people to let loose and get to know their peers.

Who are you?

The original purpose of this organization is to establish a support system among minorities or allies of minorities who study computer science or related STEM fields.

OMTECH is dedicated to helping everyone gain self-confidence and "computer confidence" by becoming involved in activities and project that enable people to skillfully and comfortable use technology and creating a safe place for asking questions all while promoting learning. This is achieved by various activities such as mentoring or role modeling, guest speakers, company tours, or team building exercises.

However, OMTECH also sees value in simply creating a fun and inviting atmosphere with people. We aim to hold meetings that also allow people to unwind, relax, and socialize with a group of people who also know what is like to want to chuck your computer against a wall because you can't fix a bug.

Lastly, while we are a computer science affiliated organization, we welcome any major!

Reasons to Join Today!

Become active at UWEC

Looks great on a resume

Get leadership, planning, and communication expereince

Be an active member in the CS organization

Build self-confidence

Help others shape their experiences at UWEC

Make lots of friends

And many more!

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