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Our Team

Katy Rand Profile

Katy Rand

Greek Advisor
Leecy Cullen Profile

Leecy Cullen

PHC Recruitment and Marketing Chair
Kevin Miro Profile

Kevin Miro

IFC Service and Philanthropy Chair
Ira Mitroshin Profile

Ira Mitroshin

IFC Finance and Secretary Chair
Ava Northamer Profile

Ava Northamer

PHC Greek Pillars Chair
Sarah Schrauth Profile

Sarah Schrauth

Panhellenic Council President
Kip Murray Profile

Kip Murray

Delta Sigma Phi Chapter President
Emily Mills Profile

Emily Mills

Alpha Xi Delta Chapter President
Lauren Elmergreen Profile

Lauren Elmergreen

Sigma Sigma Sigma Chapter President
Nolan Snyder Profile

Nolan Snyder

Delta Tau Delta Chapter President