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We are the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Pinky Swear Ambassadors on College Campuses to Help Kids with Cancer (PACK). We support the Pinky Swear Foundation and their mission to help kids with cancer and their families. We fulfill this mission through providing financial and emotional support for these children and their families. Cancer is not a one-day thing. It is hard to imagine what life is like to have a child going through cancer, it affects the whole family. That is why the Pinky Swear Foundation programs are so important. We do not limit requests from families, nor discriminate on socioeconomic status. When cancer enters life, the simple, everyday things aren't so simple anymore. Pinky Swear Foundation Vision: To say YES to every family with a child battling cancer. PACK Program Mission: College students working together to share their voices to further the mission of the Pinky Swear Foundation. PACK Program Vision: All PACK members develop important leadership skills and become lifetime ambassadors for kids battling cancer. The Pinky Swear Story: Before 9-year old Mitch Chepokas died from bone cancer, his dad made a pinky swear promise with him to continue to help children with cancer and their families by providing immediate needs, support, and unique family programs. More information found on pinky Programs offered by the Pinky Swear Foundation for kids and families: - Orange Envelope Program: A message of love and support, plus gift cards delivered to families when their child is newly diagnosed with cancer. - All-Star Fund: Direct payments and gift cards that put meals on the table, keep the rent and mortgage paid, and fill the gas tank for trips to the doctor. - Family Experiences: Special outings that give families a chance to make memories, spend quality time, and find reasons to celebrate -- even in stressful times. - Pinky Swear Pantry: On-site food pantries at children's hospitals so that families can keep nourished without having to leave their child's bedside during treatment. Pinkies up­ƒºí­ƒÆÖ









Members Benefits

PACK members will gain experience in: - Online & In-Person Fundraisers sponsored by the Pinky Swear Foundation (EX: #CancerIsMessy, It Takes Two) - Working with other PACK members, as well as other campus students & local community, during meetings and social/fundraiser events - Creating and brainstorming new ideas - Interact and have fun virtually with a child with cancer, aka an All-Star, during All-Star Experience (ASEs) - Advocating for childhood cancer awareness on and off campus through word of mouth, flyers, and social media

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