Mentorship Program

The goal of the ACHCA Mentoring Program is to establish student-to-student relationships to guide, support, and help students in their development throughout the Health Care Administration program.

A mentor provides their mentee answers to questions regarding the HCAD program, college courses, ACHCA, volunteer and work opportunities, and whatever else the mentee might be interested in.

  • Mentor Application

    Mentor Preferred Characteristics:

    • Accepted into program and 2.75 GPA
    • Approachable and friendly
    • Involved in ACHCA
    • Experience in the HCAD program
    • Experience in the field of healthcare
  • Mentee Application

    Mentee Preferred Characteristics:

    • Wants to take advantage of having a mentor
    • Needs guidance to help guide them through program and ACHCA
    • Excited about the program!